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Delivered closing remarks at the distribution of comprehensive data banking results by the Provincial Population office. We are pleased that among 16 municipalities surveyed, Pototan ranked number two in per capita income figuring P2,900.00 a month! 

New Filipino Saint Pedro Calungsod: He could be from Molo, Iloilo! Just because Iloilo was part of the Diocese of Cebu back then doesn’t make him a cebuano. My maternal grandfather is from Molo and who knows, I could also be related to a Saint!

Opening parade starts

IWAG street dancing starts at 1PM

Meeting on 3rd CDSA at PNCHS

Time is Only an Illusion

Time, as we know it, is only an illusion. We usually think of time as having three parts - Past, Present, Future. But what is the Past - only a collection of memories. We can’t experience the Past, we can only remember it. And we can only remember it in the Present (furthermore, our memories are noticeably unreliable). There is no objective thing that we call the Past; it can’t be measured in any way; our only contact with it is in the Present.

And what is the Future - only a mental construct in the Present. We can’t experience the Future until it “becomes” the Present. Until then it only a hope and dream. We can project what the Future may be like, but we are considerably less accurate than when we remember the Past. There is no objective thing that we call the Future; it can’t be measured in any way; our only contact with it is in the Present.

That leaves us with only the Present - the ever changing Present. Time is an illusion we created to try and measure the rate of change of the Present. It’s always NOW. But it’s an ever changing NOW. In a effort to cope with the change, we have invented time. It’s a handy mental device that helps us deal with the higher order derivatives of the rate of change.

This change that we experience in the ever present Present does have a “direction.” Things change in the general direction of having greater entropy. Entropy is a measure of the amount of disorder in a system. That’s why when we measure time we find it restricted to one direction (unlike when we measure distance) - things are changing such that the overall system has more and more entropy.

Although the illusionary nature of time is the deep truth in this matter, it’s not particularly practical. To be totally in harmony with this truth, you’d need to wear a watch that always said “now”. But you’d be late for a lot of meetings….

Leigh Brasington

Manuel “Quedo” Parcon, RIP

Former Congressman of the third District of and Mayor of Pototan, Iloilo.

Today we remember the man who built modern Pototan into what it is now. The greatest mayor Pototan ever had, the “Godfather” of Iloilo politics. The man who gave the town much fame. Respected by leaders from all over Iloilo and the whole country.

May his soul rest in peace!

Meeting about congressional meet held in PNCHS

I woke up at 4:30 AM when I felt my bed shaking. I went straight to the bathroom to check on the tub and saw the water moving. There was indeed an earthquake. Keep safe Everyone!